Triple Guarantee

Parking Space Rentals is at the forefront of the industry in its customer service goals that it can offer a Triple Guarantee to its various customers. We value your business and relationship with us and want to make sure you’re well looked after during your time with us. It’s one of the reasons why customers flock to us from our competitors and why our customers keep coming back time and time again, often bringing their friends and work colleagues with them.

Parking Availability Guarantee

If we have parking advertised on our website then we guarantee it is available for rent by you without having to check with its supplier. We’re so confident our systems work to make sure our website remains the most up to date and accurate parking rental website in the UK that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. If for any reason it isn’t available, we’ll give you a £10 credit towards the rental of another space for a month. This credit will be applied to the first payment collected from you by direct debit, normally your second month. No other competitor offers this kind of guarantee

Unauthorised Parking Compensation Guarantee

We strongly believe our customers should get what they pay for so if you rent parking from us and one day you arrive to find someone else fully parked in your spot through no fault of your own, we believe it’s only fair you shouldn’t have to pay for that day. Email us a photo of the offending vehicle clearly parked in your space (taken from behind your parking so we can clearly see the floor markings also) on the day of the incident and we’ll deduct that day’s payment from the next payment due to us by direct debit, normally the next month.

Renter Payment Guarantee

For parking suppliers using our fully managed Gold service level we guarantee that you will receive your rental income from your renter once we tell you your parking has been rented. We’re confident of the positive relationships with our renters and the quality of our professional payment management processes that we want to make sure you get paid like you’re due. If for any reason the renter fails to make payment as it falls due, we make sure you don’t lose out with the Renter Payment Guarantee and issue the payment to you anyway.